As manager of Pension Cécile in Rangiroa for multiple years now and as an ocean navigator since a young age, Taurama SUN offers excursions recognized worldwide to the Blue Lagoon and Reef Island.

Ia Orana e Maeva i Rangiroa.
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Alongside his young team, you will share unforgettable moments and have a unique experience during your visit to the small island « motu » and enjoy a good local meal often accompanied by music performed on « ukulele ». You will enjoy the flora and marine fauna while surrounded by an exceptional landscape in complete peace that will give you a sense of wonder and feeling of serenity.

Recognized as the second largest lagoon in the world, the boat crossing to these remote places can sometimes by greeted by impressive waves, especially during the austral winter from June to September. With two boats of more than 24 feet in length each and with a motorization of more than 240CV, we guarantee you optimal security conditions while also aiming at your comfort in addition to your well being.